Ramadan Eid

Please note that we are closed for the Ramadan Eid (holiday) and will reopen on Sunday the 2nd. of July. We look forward to seeing you then. If you wish to contact us please email info@hibernialc.com.

Summer School

Hibernia remains open during the summer months to provide English classes to all ages. Why not take advantage of your free time in the summer to improve your English? Please contact us on 44176815.  


Hibernia Learning Centre is now enrolling for English, French, Spanish and Arabic classes. Courses address all ages and levels. If you are interested in learning more, please call 44176815 or email info@hibernialc.com.

New Year Approaches!

At this time of year we often think of starting a new project or taking up a new hobby. Why not consider learning a new language? At Hibernia we offer classes to suit all ages and all levels. Contact us at info@hibernialc.com or call 44176815.

Morning Classes for Ladies – English

Hibernia Learning Centre offers Morning Classes for Ladies from Beginners to Advanced. These classes have been very popular amongst those ladies whose children are in school as they give an opportunity to learn English while still being able to be available for school pick-ups. We normally offer classes of ninety (90) minutes duration, two times per week, thus providing three (3) hours of tuition.

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New Location

Hibernia Learning Centre has relocated to Ain Khaled. Please check new location on Google Maps.

Fizzy Quiz French is here!

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched the first in the “Fizzy Quiz” series of Mobile Apps, “Fizzy Quiz French”. Click the links above or below for the version you want. The “Fizzy Quiz” series is designed to challenge users of all ages and levels and comprises two simple types of randomized questions, “True or False” and “Multiple Choice”. The best part

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French After School Programme

Classes are usually delivered in group sessions. Numbers are generally between two and four students. One-to-one classes are available but, in the interest of developing confidence and good speaking skills, we encourage group classes where possible. Children must attend a minimum of two one-hour classes per week. Students are accepted from Age 5 years up to and including GCSE Level. We run Revision classes for

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English Morning Programme

English Morning Programme (9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Sunday – Thursday) This programme has been carefully designed for children (a) who are on a waiting-list for a place in the school of their parents’ choice OR (b) who need English Language Development in order to pass an entrance examination for one of the international schools. The Morning Programme sees children, from a variety of

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English After-School Programme

English After-School Programme (2.00 p.m.  –  6.30 p.m.  Sunday – Thursday) Our students fall into the following main categories : 1. EAL Students who need English language development in order to access the curriculum in an English Language school.  These students range from Total Beginners through to Advanced Levels. Classes are available in one-to-one settings or in small groups. 2. Mother-tongue or English speakers who need

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