Our Students

Our students range in age from 4 years to Adult. We are fortunate to have had children join us to be quickly followed by older or younger siblings and then again by cousins or other members of the wider family. In many cases we have had the pleasure of registering parents who have seen how we operate and feel comfortable enough to seek to develop their own spoken or written language. We believe that in Hibernia, the feeling of community is strong and something we treasure.

Our after-school curriculum support programme is flexible in approach. Parents can choose the type of help they wish for their child. We can offer individual homework support during which the teacher works with the topics assigned by the child’s school teacher. This approach has been very popular and progress has been achieved and appreciated.

At Hibernia, students of all ages and nationalities are approached with friendliness, respect and a firm belief that EVERYONE can make progress. Confidence-boosting techniques rate very highly in our relationship with our students. Highly educated and experienced professionals have been selected to deliver the Hibernia method.

Our Bridging Programme is designed to create a “mini” version of a typical school day. This programme is ideal for newcomers to Qatar who are awaiting acceptance to one of the international schools or who need English Language boosting to make a smooth transition from country of origin to school here in Qatar.

Our SATS students have been delighted with the “training” and thorough revision of topics necessary for examinations. Professional and expert teaching has been the key to success in this particular area.