The Morning Children’s Programme is specially designed to cater for students:

For children who need to acquire the required level of English, we offer small group classes arranged in accordance with the age and level of the child.

We focus on the spoken language but we also make sure that the children are working on reading and writing activities so that the four principal areas of language acquisition are targeted i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

We offer the opportunity, several times per week, for all students to do mini presentations before the assembled groups, in order to develop the confidence they will need to function in a totally English- speaking environment, when they begin in their new school.

For children who already speak English fluently, we work on reading and comprehension activities, creative writing, procedural writing, media studies etc.  We assess where each child is informally and provide plenty of material to help him/her to develop in accordance with whatever year group he/she will join in the new school.  Sometimes even our fluent speakers need work on writing, grammar and other important areas of English Language work.

The children attend from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.,  Sunday – Thursday.