Our daughter started going to Hibernia after we felt that she was not at the same reading and writing level as her peers in ASD. I had heard of Hibernia from several parents who had been very happy with their results. We had noticed that my daughter’s confidence and love for school was not the same, and we wanted to get that back. The moment we walked into the school, I knew we had made the right choice. I was a teacher for 15 years in the States and you can feel when a school loves teaching as much as it loves the kids. My daughter was embarrassed at first and she didn’t want to go, but soon she was asking to go more often. It didn’t take long before we started to see improvements and her confidence and her love for school return. If you are looking for a school that not only teaches but loves and respects your child then Hibernia is the place. By the end of the school year my daughter’s reading level had increased so much that she was one of the highest level readers in her class. Her writing had improved so much that she was writing stories in her free time. However, what impressed me the most was how excited she was to show Mrs. Lindy and her Hibernia team her test scores. She was so proud of herself and wanted to let them know. My daughter had more than just a tutor, she had someone who she looked up to. I believe that this is what makes this place better than all the other learning centers. That their teaching is not just the mind, but the heart and soul of the child.

Tamara Guidry, June 2017

We truly believe this speaks to the excellence of our experience at Hibernia Learning Centre.

When our family relocated to Doha from the U.S. and were awaiting a school space, Hibernia Learning Center was recommended to us by friends. Lindy and the Hibernia Team kept our son completely up to date with his academic studies while waiting for an available school space. Our son (and us) loved the teachers at Hibernia and the caring and supportive environment they provided. At a recent parent teacher conference, our son’s new teacher was very impressed with how current he was with his academic studies after a prolonged break from a structured school environment. We truly believe this speaks to the excellence of our experience at Hibernia Learning Center.

Joann and Chris Warren


It’s one of those places you just know is going to be the right choice for your child.

After meeting with Mrs Lindy during our previsit to Doha, we instantly felt like this would be a great place for our son, while waiting for a place in school for him. He is Danish, 5 years old and has not been to school before, so everything was new to him. But the atmosphere is warm and Mrs Lindy and her team were very welcoming, and made the children (and their mum) feel at ease from the first moment we got there. In fact they even agreed to take in our daughter even though she was much too young to go there. Then the children could go together, and this was an even better start for them. Every day they got such a warm welcome, as well as good preparation for starting in school. We met a very dedicated team of teachers, focusing on the individual child and their level of skill. Always with a positive attitude. Very flexible. Very unique.
My son has now started in school, it has been a smooth transition and he has quickly caught up to the level of the rest of the class even though they were almost one year ahead of him!
We recommend Hibernia Learning Centre to anyone in a similar situation to us. It’s one of those places you just know is going to be the right choice for your child.

Sarah Nete – Back


Wonder Hibernian… Lindy and Centre Poem

5 siblings, we came to Hibernia Learning Centre that had so much care,

By a Hibernian “a true lady educator” who stared at our weak English & dared,

Making good of our poor English, became her aim,

From no English (spoken, reading and writing) we thank God, Lindy and Team, who made us now so fair,

We loved our friends there, teacher and Lindy’s care,

We leave you all with Lady Lindy’s optimism, unlike other’s pessimism, known for sure through the preserved Irish Lady your English shall be THERE.

Life is so small, our roads no doubt shall cross, till then we wish you success

A loving father on behalf of his 5 children that attended the HLC (recognition & respect)

26th March, 2015

Doha, Qatar

Youssef Ben Hamed

At Hibernia he not only found excellent teachers, but a true family.

My son attended the Hibernia Learning Centre for three months; as soon as I spoke to Mrs Lindy, I understood that I had made the right decision.  In these few months, starting from a level of english that was equal to zero, he was able to pass the assessment test in one of the schools in Doha and all this happended gradually and naturally, without stress or pressure. At Hibernia he not only found excellent teachers, but a true family.

Flaminia Pandolfo


My daughter loves Hibernia….

My husband and I were so grateful to have found Hibernia. Our daughter was falling behind and unable to pass the required assessment to get into school. After just one month with Ms. Lindy and her team, she was not only able to pass the assessment and get into a school, she is now receiving the highest marks in her class for creative writing!

My daughter loves Hibernia and we highly recommend Ms. Lindy and her team to anyone needing a transition school or extra help with passing assessments.

The Meszaros Family


Hibernia goes beyond just following their teaching program to the kids.

We were so relieved to have found a solution for the period that our boys couldn’t get into a school in Doha.

Hibernia goes beyond just following their teaching program to the kids. They really look at the individual child. If they need extra help with their English or even their pencil grip, the team will try to help out.

Our boys had a great time and we are really thankful for making the transition so much easier.

Tholen family


When I first met Mrs. Lindy…

When I first met Mrs. Lindy of the Hibernia Learning Centre, I had lost all hope in the process of school admissions in Doha. Her naturally caring nature and obvious interest in the well-being and happiness of the children made me warm to her immediately and provided a glimmer of hope.

My son spent his time with Mrs. Lindy regaining his confidence and learning to improve his writing in a big way. He came home happy and eager to return every day.

I cannot recommend Hibernia enough to anyone feeling that their child needs a language boost or a ‘halfway house’. You cannot go wrong!

Megan Bester