About Us

Welcome to Hibernia Learning Centre!

Located in Ain Khaled, Doha, close to “Megamart” roundabout, Hibernia Learning Centre has gained popularity in the community as a language centre and after-school support centre. We provide tuition in English, French and Spanish. Our programmes can be summarised as follows :

  • ¬†After-school programmes for Primary and Secondary Curriculum Support
  • Tuition for SATS Students
  • Bridging Tuition for students who are (a) on waiting lists or (b) who need short, medium or longer-term support to enable them to be admitted to chosen schools.

While delivering our Language Courses, we at Hibernia are committed to providing student-centred tuition. We tailor individual plans for individual needs.

We look forward to seeing you at Hibernia Learning Centre.

– Lindy Foster-Roe (Director)