New Location

Hibernia Learning Centre has relocated to Ain Khaled. Please check new location on Google Maps.

Fizzy Quiz French is here!

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched the first in the “Fizzy Quiz” series of Mobile Apps, “Fizzy Quiz French”.¬†Click the links above or below for the version you want. The “Fizzy Quiz” series is designed to challenge users of all ages and levels and comprises two simple types of randomized questions, “True or False” and “Multiple Choice”. The best part

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French After School Programme

Classes are usually delivered in group sessions. Numbers are generally between two and four students. One-to-one classes are available but, in the interest of developing confidence and good speaking skills, we encourage group classes where possible. Children must attend a minimum of two one-hour classes per week. Students are accepted from Age 5 years up to and including GCSE Level. We run Revision classes for

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