Hibernia Learning Centre is now enrolling for English, French, Spanish and Arabic classes. Courses address all ages and levels. If you are interested in learning more, please call 44176815 or email info@hibernialc.com.

New Year Approaches!

At this time of year we often think of starting a new project or taking up a new hobby. Why not consider learning a new language? At Hibernia we offer classes to suit all ages and all levels. Contact us at info@hibernialc.com or call 44176815.

Morning Classes for Ladies – English

Hibernia Learning Centre offers Morning Classes for Ladies from Beginners to Advanced. These classes have been very popular amongst those ladies whose children are in school as they give an opportunity to learn English while still being able to be available for school pick-ups. We normally offer classes of ninety (90) minutes duration, two times per week, thus providing three (3) hours of tuition.

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